Hard Surface Sealing


Parts of your house

Like the concrete of your driveway, paths, and entryways, are visible to everyone and a contributing factor to a first impression of you and your family. As something you look at, drive and walk over every day, it is important to keep concrete in the best condition, to keep your house looking lovely all year round, consistently safe to drive your prized vehicles over and for you and your family to enjoy. Those of us at Mega Services understand the importance of this necessary quality and safety of your concrete. This is the service that you will receive if you entrust us with your cleaning as we will provide you with the professional service that you would expect, and the personal touch that you deserve, treating these parts of your home as if it were our own.

Regular cleaning can keep under control the bacteria build-up in your upholstery that may cause illness in some people.
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In addition to the cleaning of your concrete surfaces, we also strive to improve the longevity of the surfaces as concrete is susceptible to substances that over time can stain and erode the surface if left unprotected and unattended. When providing a service on your concrete, it is quite important to carry out a job that will leave your surfaces in the best condition possible, so that they are not only appealing to your eye and others, setting off the outside of your home, but also protected against the salts and oils that can dirty the concrete and quickly cause a dramatic amount of damage. The sealing of the concrete will provide the perfect touch of appearance perfection and protection, allowing us to fully restore this important part of your home to original appearance.

To ensure the best results, our highly trained employees will examine the concrete closely and carefully before beginning to clean, to ensure that they will carry out the best process for cleaning and restoring the concrete to its former glory, and to make sure that you will be 100% happy with the results, by happily explaining the process to you and answering any questions you might have. Our most important job is ensuring your satisfaction with your home and with our determination to provide outstanding service and our willingness to meet and surpass general expectations; you can trust Mega Services to go above and beyond to provide our best to such an important part of your life, your home.

Selling Your Home?

After talking to a real estate agent friend of mine over several years and discussing some of the numerous problems he had selling houses he informed me that two of the main issues he has is convincing the client to part with money for advertising and general cleaning-up to present the property at its best for the sale.

I can’t help you with the marketing side of things, but I have come up with an idea for the presentation part of the problem. Sometimes a simple house and driveway wash or even the cleaning of carpets can make the home look like value for money and aid in a quick sale at the optimum price.

As all salespeople know, you only get one chance to make that brilliant first impression. If the buyer is not impressed with the outside, it makes it harder for the Salesperson to sell, even if it is their dream home inside. The problem is as you are aware your clients are generally property rich but cash poor and that is where we can come in. Mega Services will clean the property so that it is presented well for the upcoming sale, and we will defer the payment (interest free) for up to three months or until the home is sold. Whichever comes first.There is a minimum spending amount of $1000.00 and please note that there are also a limited number of spaces on offer each month.

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How to apply?

To apply, please feel free to call or email me with the work required and I will quote the job for you. When your client accepts and price and conditions, then we will start to transform the property for a quick sale.