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When you’ve invested what could be thousands of dollars in lovely upholstery for your home, we understand that when it comes to cleaning and preserving everything from your lounge suites to chairs, you expect and deserve only the best services from the company that you have carefully chosen and entrusted them too. Here at Mega Services, we have worked hard to become the company you can trust with all your cleaning needs by carefully developing our methods and treating all of your upholstery as if it were our own prized possessions.  

Before beginning, our highly trained technician will carefully examine what is to be cleaned, to determine the most effective cleaning process, based on the unique make and design of your upholstery, and the extent of the stains and bacteria. They will be able to explain this process to you, and happily answer any questions you may have before proceeding as it is most important for us to understand exactly what you want, and to make you very comfortable with our work. When you are happy for them to begin, our technicians will then begin cleaning, working to remove stains and bacteria both visible and invisible to the human eye, restore the colour and overall revive your upholstery.

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With our determination to provide outstanding service and our willingness to meet and surpass general expectations, you can trust Mega Services to provide you with the professional service that you would expect, and the careful treatment that you deserve, resulting in an improved quality of the upholstery you have chosen to trust us with.

A professional approach for all your upholstery needs has more benefits than other possible methods, such as attempting to clean them yourself, or perhaps not cleaning at all. Most people never clean their own upholstery, or the materials they use mask and hide the pollutants instead of fully removing them. With your upholstery possibly full of dirt, dust, sand, grit and many other pollutants, your home environment is becoming increasingly detrimental due to these issues that are not always visible to the human eye. The bacteria can easily cause sickness and affect your body and this is what we work to change when you hire us to work on your upholstery.

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We can guarantee that in addition to providing you with lovely upholstery surfaces in your home, when ridding the air of harmful bacteria is as easy as professional upholstery clean, we are also working carefully to drastically improve the quality of your home environment for you and your family.