High Pressure Cleaning

Not Recommended

High Pressure Cleaning

The high-pressure method is not recommended, if the operator is not careful water can pour in through windows causing damage inside and or rip off paint on the outside.

There are no advantages to using high pressure to clean the outside of you home, only disadvantages.

The reason some companies use high pressure in external cleaning is probably they don’t want to spend thousands of more dollars on Soft Washing Equipment,

This is a cost saving for them but may end up cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs.

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This is how a so call professional company clean the driveway

After Mega Services fix the mess left by other company


Low-Pressure Soft Wash External Cleaning

This is our most recommended and effective method for exterior house washing. It takes into account all the important elements for the safe and quality service that you require.

This method uses the least amount of water possible for an efficient Home Wash!


The low-pressure method assures that water does not pour in through the windows or rip off paint, which can happen in cases of most High-Pressure methods.

This method also uses safe, biodegradable detergents and chemicals to kill mould and emulsify dirt and grime. Every board is brushed with a soft broom and rinsed clean, leaving your home looking clean and smelling fresh.

All External cleaning methods leave your windows in a mess from the detergents and chemicals. But with this method, all external glass is left free from chemical and detergent streaks and spots.

Screens will be lightly brushed with a detergent mixture and rinsed clean.

To finish off, paths around your home are rinsed clean from the dirt and grime that has been washed from your home throughout the cleaning process.

This is the method we use to provide you with the safest and efficiently cleaned house exteriors.

High-Pressure Cleaning at MEGA SERVICES

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Play the video above and see how your outdoor areas can be transformed with our Turbo wash system.

High-Pressure cleaning is an environmentally friendly and effective cleaning method to remove dirt, and contaminants from various surfaces using a stream of water at high-pressure. 

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It can be done for different kinds of surfaces and properties. Most commonly, high-pressure cleaning is used to clean roofs, exterior walls, warehouses, patios and more. 

Now you may think that you can do this cleaning by yourself by just renting a pressure cleaner. But that’s not all that it is. There is much more to high-pressure cleaning than just renting a pressure cleaner from your local Builder’s store. You need to know how to handle the pressure washer as it is difficult equipment to handle. It can even be dangerous for you and your property if not handled in the correct way.

Our professional operators undergo extensive training and have experience in cleaning all kinds of surfaces using the High-Pressure cleaning method.

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Which Type of Surfaces Needs High-Pressure Cleaning?

Pressure Clean is a technique used to remove stains from Hard to Very Hard surfaces. The different types of surfaces that can be cleaned using the high-pressure cleaning method are:

40 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

Which Type of Stains Needs High-Pressure Cleaning?

There are a lot of stains that may not be removed by only using high pressure.

Hire Pressure washer cleaner to make your surface clean and hygiene! Choose our pressure cleaner for your residential as well as commercial surfaces in Brisbane. Need to be treated even after high-pressure cleaning.

Every one of these stains requires different mixtures of detergents and chemicals to assure safe and effective cleaning results. For example, using an engine degreaser on oil marks is a common mistake people can make. This will spread the oil over the surface and make the oil sink further into the surface resulting in permanent damage.

Before After

This is how a so call professional company clean the driveway

After Mega Services fix the mess left by other company

What is the Required Equipment for Pressure Cleaning Brisbane?

There are a number of tools required for the safe cleaning of hard surfaces. We at MEGA SERVICES use the following tools and equipment for high-pressure cleaning service.

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Why choose Mega Services for High Pressure Cleaning?

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Mega Services has ALL the equipment necessary to assure the safe and efficient cleaning of any hard surface you may require.

Advanced technology powerful equipment

We come fully equipped with advanced tools and equipment to deliver high quality cleaning results.

Our equipment is powerful and advanced to deliver the highest standard, efficient cleaning results. These equipment help us to clean even the tough spots and hard to reach places effectively and leave you with a clean property.

Skilled professionals with experience

Our cleaning experts are experienced and skilled professionals who can treat all surfaces, and remove tough stains and stains at hard to reach surfaces. Professionals at Mega Services work diligently to give you the cleanest of spaces.

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